Pipeline Propaganda!

Two advertizers seem to have a lot of money to spend on their message: fossil fuel producers and pipeline operators.  We have already commented in our blog Propaganda and Advertizing on the success of ads by fossil fuel producers so this blog will concentrate on the pipeline operators.

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) is attempting to duplicate the success of the fossil fuel producers by a well bankrolled advertizing campaign.

Over the past few months the Globe has carried numerous articles on the need for the Keystone XL pipeline, commenting why President Obama should approve its construction in the U.S.  This friendly media environment is perhaps why CEPA chose the Globe & Mail to carry its most recent advertisement.

The main message in this advertisement, presented against a green background, reads:

“Canada’s Economic Engine Runs on Energy we deliver”.

This claim naturally elevates the importance of fossil fuels to Canada’s economy, and inferentially diminishes the importance of other sources of energy.  Rather than engage in a long technical and economic analysis of the issues raised by this claim, we are content to make this observation: What else would one expect from a CEPA advertisement?

Accepting CEPA’s message under this reservation, the advertisement highlights the magnitude of the task ahead.  The Canadian economy cannot run on fossil fuels forever, or even indefinitely.  Canada’s goal must now be to reduce emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG). To achieve this goal, Canada must first burn less fossil fuels. Secondly, Canada must increase the contribution from renewable energy sources.

We have squandered near a quarter of a century during which we could have laid a basis for a substantial transition of energy production to renewable sources.

We are reminded of the announcement that pub keepers in the UK make when the pub must close:

“Time ladies and gentlemen please.”

That time must come to Canada in the 2015 Federal election.


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