CFC’s and Cosmic Rays are to blame!

In 2010 4RG commented on the research of a University of Waterloo Scientist under the title “Who says that the science was settled?”   Here are the observations in our blog:

“Andrew Bolt, an Australian commentator whose words appeared in the Herald Sun, headlined his commentary on the research of Qing-Bin Lu, a Waterloo University Professor of Physics and Astronomy with these words.  Mr. Bolt has written even more scathing remarks about those who consider climate change a risk to the Earth.  Another of his columns was headed “Climategate: A Warmist Conspiracy Exposed?

Let’s stick with the work of Professor Qing-Bin.  His findings are that CFC’s have contributed more to climate change than CO2 emissions, a finding that does not agree with other research. That conclusion in itself does not suggest that there is no climate change, and that CO2 is not a contributor to this change. His work suggests that with the banning of CFC’s the risk has been reduced.

Professor Qing-Binobserves that there was global warming from 1950 to 2000, but also that there has been global cooling from 2002, which is when the presence of CFC’s in the atmosphere has diminished.  He further concludes that global cooling will continue for the next 50 years.

And how significant will this cooling be?  And is cooling assured even if nothing is done to stop the increase in CO2 emissions?  Professor Qing-Bin does not resolve those questions.”

Recently Professor Qing-Bin made claims that went further than his previous study.   He maintains that Carbon Dioxide is “not to blame” for Global Warming – only “CFC’s conspiring with cosmic rays.”  Conspiring suggests anthropomorphic (i.e. human) type intelligence.  We assume that Professor Qing-Bin would accept this lay person’s description: CFC’s are interacting with cosmic rays to form an “envelope” that prior to 2002 produced global warming.

Qing-Bin dismisses global warming science as conventional thinking, a categorization that perhaps explains why he has not pinpointed errors in global warming science.  In his defence it must be recognized that demonstrating the errors would take several lifetimes.

Our conclusion in 2010 was simple, and remains true despite Professor Qing-Bin’s bolder claims:  “So we are not at a stage where the science is settled.  But there is sufficient to justify action to prevent an extreme risk that is long term, and in the long term may prove to be irreversible! “

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