Insane? Or Irrational? . . . Or?

The International Energy Agency (IEA), a well-recognized authority in such matters, has categorically stated that no more than one-third of proven fossil fuel reserves can be consumed prior to 2050 if the word is to reduce GHG emissions and limit global warming to 2 degrees C.  So for the environmental health of this planet, two-thirds of proven fossil fuel reserves must be left unexploited.
The Globe & Mail recently noted that the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers forecasts that Canada’s oil production, including the tar sands, will double by 2030.  Oil Change International has a very helpful graph that confirms this projection by examining present production from the tar sands and tar sands projects under construction or approved.
The output of these projects alone will blow by the climate limits recommended by the IEA.  Yet, as Oil Change notes, even more tar sands projects are lined up for regulatory approval leading to a possible trebling of production capacity over and above the IEA limit.
Another series of IEA projections show how the world is backing away from switching to renewable energy, the best course of action to moderate the risk that safe limits of GHG emissions from fossil fuels will be exceeded.

“Fossil fuels currently meet 80% of global energy demand. Even if current policy commitments and pledges made to tackle climate change were to be put in place, global energy demand in 2035 is projected to rise by 40% – with fossil fuels still contributing 75% … The use of coal, gas and oil to fuel the power, industry, buildings and transport sectors is set to rise.”

Is this is not collective insanity?  Or is it only irrational?  Or has collective greed become so ingrained that we are incapable of recognizing the distortion of sanity that results?

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1 thought on “Insane? Or Irrational? . . . Or?”

  1. I feel that man has a role in climate cahgne. There are 6 billion of us living on the planet. The planet, although huge and very old, is a balanced organism that has to operate under certain parameters to support life. Few people of the earth respect this balance and try to live in harmony with it. We can talk about the major climate cahgnes that have occurred over thousands of years, but the cahgnes since industrialization are undeniable and profound.In this country, we are consuming the world’s resources at an alarming rate. That takes energy and a lot of materials that release massive amounts of gasses into the atmosphere artificially. If everyone in the world lived like us, it would take about 6 earths to supply the necessary resources. Common sense should tell us that something is wrong with that picture.People from some of the most populated countries on earth want to live much like we do. In one Chinese province, about 14,000 more autos come into use every day. China also has a very aggressive energy plan, bringing a new coal plant on line every two weeks. In many underdeveloped countries, people are desperate for fuel, food, and money and have cut many trees down for shelter, agriculture, fuel, charcoal, and other uses. These trees no longer take gasses out of the air.We’ll never know for certain whether human activity is primarily responsible for glacial and polar cap recession, forest fires, hurricanes, and other symptoms of a warmer planet. One thing is for sure though we can’t afford not to practice a much more energy-conservative lifestyle this is the only planet we have and deserves the benefit of the doubt.Thus, I urge you to consider that climate cahgne may be occuring too rapidly to be considered “normal”. Fossil fuels can largely be eliminated if the political will exists in the industrialized world. I predict that the earth is going to become an increasingly difficult place for healthy biological activity and this will force governments world wide to aggressively seek energy efficiency.

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