Climate Change: Understanding the Reality

In the Toronto Star on June 28th Christopher Hume says that while many argue we can’t afford to deal with climate change we need to face reality and realize that we cannot get back to ‘business as usual’.
The Alberta floods, not to mention global droughts, wildfires, ocean acidification … are a pre-catastrophe warning from an over-heated planet. If we continue expanding the tar sands, our grandchildren will face runaway climate change and an unliveable planet.
The world’s most highly qualified climate scientists (James Hansen), economists (Nicholas Stern) and statesmen and women have been warning us for years. Why don’t we act?
Also in the Star, Linda McQuaig (July 2nd) compares our “torpor” regarding climate change with the action the world took when the Ozone hole was discovered. The Montreal Protocol has saved humanity, but corporations still fought against the necessary chemical controls.
Today, citizens are flooded with fossil fuel corporation propaganda extolling the benefits of the tar sands. As McQuaig points out, since the battle to save the climate began in 1988, the power of the corporations has grown enormously.
A new study by Fernandes and Girard claims that 4200 corporate lobbyists were given privileged access to the UN negotiation process, effectively killing, by 2011, what had been a promising international campaign. The fox has set up shop inside the henhouse.
When you talk to people who are still unaware of the realities of climate change, they can go to and also read the UN report, “The Global Climate 2001 to 2010, A Decade of Climate Extremes“.
As Prof. John Smol of Queen’s University says, each report is scarier than the last, but it doesn’t seem to bother people or governments. For Our Grandchildren is determined to bother people. Will you help?

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