Collaboration is not action!

Attendees at the 2013 Energy and Mines Ministers Conference were provided with considerable information, including a pamphlet entitled Canada’s New Energy Landscape. These dramatic one-liners appeared on the cover of this pamphlet:

  • enabling continuing collaboration on Energy
  • the Energy Landscape is changing dramatically.
  • A new energy era is dawning for Canada.
  • An integrated system that balances energy production and use is required.

The pamphlet also contained quotes from publications of the International Energy Agency (IEA):

The years ahead will see “A vast international reordering of energy supply and demand patterns” and “If, as of 2017 there is not a major wave or new and clean investments, the door to 2 degrees will be closed.” (Fatih Birol, Economist IEA)

Political leaders in Canada and elsewhere just do not get the grim truth of the last quote.  A crash program for renewable energy is a must if we are to avoid global warming that will threaten the climatic health of our planet.

The judgement of the Ministers was captured in a paragraph in an Executive Summary of another publication prepared for the Conference, Canada – A Global Leader in Renewable Energy:

“Going forward, all jurisdictions in Canada could benefit from continued collaboration and exchange of information towards the development, demonstration and deployment of renewable energy. Together, federal, provincial and territorial collaborative efforts will have tremendous impact on supporting reliability, electricity trade, improving system adequacy and ensuring sustainability of our electricity systems.”

Compare the extraordinary measures that the Federal (and some Provincial Governments) are taking to insure the exploitation of the tar sands.  When it comes to renewable energy, the talk is collaboration and information exchange.

That is why we have entitled this blog: “Collaboration is not action”.

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