Neil Young visited the tar sands and said the mining had turned that part of Alberta into a wasteland that looks like Hiroshima!  He was criticized for stating these unpleasant facts. Yet the Northern Boreal forest has been ravaged and turned into a huge excavation site surrounded by tailing ponds containing toxins.

The US is no better than Alberta. Natural landscapes have been destroyed, as, for example, in the removal of the tops of mountains to get to the coal underneath.  In Wisconsin the mining of iron ore has created huge open pits.  Now an enterprising company, Gogebic Taconite, wishes to establish another open-pit mine in the Wisconsin most important forest wilderness.   Its proposal has the full support of the Governor of Wisconsin.

Go  to, a blog site run by Dr. Gerald Berry from 1995!!  You will find a petition that invites your support in pressuring the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to carry out a full environmental impact statement before the project goes ahead.

Here is Barb Falby’s description of the potential destruction.

The world’s largest open-pit iron mine is planned for a spot near Lake Superior, and 20% of Earth’s freshwater. Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker has signed a bill that gutted many environmental regulations. This project will encroach on the wilderness forest which is sacred to native peoples and which is their source for water and wild rice. Furthermore, it will threaten water safety in Lake Superior and other Great Lakes. A brief period of economic prosperity will be followed by permanently scarred lands, and water sheds made toxic for wildlife, plants, and humans for many generations to come. If this scenario sounds frighteningly familiar, consider Canada’s unchecked and devastating mining operations in the tar sands, made possible by a total abandonment of environmental oversight and regulation. If you wish to see Earth’s rights restored in Wisconsin and elsewhere, consult the alert at It calls for more environmental assessments, and the resignation of public officials who make such horrors possible.


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