The Anniversary of Climate Fast

Our critics sometimes accuse us of not using the democratic processes available to citizens of Canada.  Well, we did . . . but we don’t have anything to show for our efforts using the tools that democrary gives us.

On two separate occasions 4RG has petitioned to our Governments to institute a national policy on renewable energy.

The first occasion was to the Government of Canada:  we got the brush off!  Two years later nothing concrete had happened.

The second occasion was to the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Legislative Assemly.  We were ignored.  Read about our efforts and the deafening silence that followed.

Now a group of private citizens are holding a twelve day vigil and fast on Parliament Hill.  Why are they there?  Because the fossil fuel lobby has the money to lobby politicians and the Conservative Government in Ottawa offers only lip service to the need for renewable energy.

Here is one of the reasons why they undergo this ordeal:

“Canada must develop and implement a real plan to emphasize conservation and renewable energy.  In 2009, Mark Z. Jacobson and Mark A. Delucchi, in an article in Scientific American, wrote that there is enough renewable energy from wind, water and sun to convert the planet to 100% renewable energy in 20 years. All we need is the political courage and will. We must all work together to build a popular movement for change. We can have wonderful lives while transforming to a new, sustainable, culture, together.´

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