What PR Problem?

“Climate’s Big PR Problem” is the title of Margaret Wente’s column on the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  This just-released report sets out the physical science behind climate change.

Ms. Wente claims that the world has stopped warming up, which she describes as “a monumental PR headache for the IPCC. “

Ms. Wente has overstated the case.  The world has not stopped warming up. The correct statement is that there has been no significant increase in the world’s average temperature over the last fifteen years.  The 5th Report stresses that this observation does not invalidate the conclusion that there is  a continuing warming trend.

As described in our blog “News Flash – the IPCC 5TH Assessment Report, the correct conclusion is:  “It is certain that the world is getting warmer.”

In an earlier blog we anticipated that the conclusions in the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC could not put an end to the speculations of Denialists. Still, as it is balanced, reasonable and comprehensive, this Report is likely to be given more credibility than the preceding 4th Assessment report of 2007.

As to the central conclusion in the 5th Report, not even Ms. Wente disputes this.  In her column she stated: “The only consensus that exists is the well-establishing fact that human activity is contributing to global warming.” When a card-carrying denialist makes this admission, it is obvious there is no PR problem.


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