A Summary of what happened at COP 19.

A short day-by-day summary of COP19 from the perspective of environmental groups as reported by Climate Mosaic.  Click on the links to find out more.

Day 1 – The commitment of the Philippine delegate to fast during the talks at COP19 . . . to dramatize the need to have concrete results from this Conference.

Day 2 –Poland’s decision to host the Coal and Climate Summit at the same time as COP19 is criticized.  Coal contributes more GHG emissions than any other fossil fuel.

Day 3 – Contrary to the views of certain climate change sceptics, adaptation is not a sufficient policy. Steps must be taken to mitigate CO2 emissions NOW!   A preview of the anticipated Adaptation Report that will be delivered by the IPCC Scientific Commission next near.

Day 4 – The COP meetings are taking place in a soccer stadium.  But there is no sign of team play!

Day 5 – Fallout from Fukushima.  After the Fukushima disaster, Japan is withdrawing from its nuclear program.  The result: Japan will not meet its 2020 targets, a refusal that will undermine the political will of other countries.

Day 6 – Popular demonstrations on the streets of Warsaw.

Day 7 –By Day 7 it was clear that there was no money in the till.  Climate finance is declining not growing, falling 71% this year according to the Climate Funds Update. The Green Climate Fund is supposed to ramp up to $100 billion/year to assist developing countries adapt to climate change.

Day 8 –Ban Ki-moon regretted that developed countries were “backtracking” on their climate change goals. He expected United States, the EU and China to take a leadership role.

Day 9 – ”The future is becoming impossible”.

“A 4C future is impossible to survive and our governments say 2C target is too difficult,” says Kevin Anderson of the UK Tyndall Climate Center.  We’ve done nothing about climate change for 20 years. And because of that developed nations need to crash emissions 10% per year starting now says Anderson

Day 10 – 13 Environmental Groups walk out in protest against the lack of progress.  The President of the Conference, Marcin Korolec, the Polish State Secretary for the Environment responsible for Climate Policy, characterized their action as an attempt to “draw attention towards the issues perceived by them as important.” In other words, a publicity stunt!

Ironically, the President of the Polish Government sacked Korolec before the Conference was over, apparently because Korolec had not progressed the development of regulations to govern the exploration of shale gas and other fossil fuels.

Day 11 – Oxfam has attended all COP Conferences.  Prior to the first days of COP 19 Oxfam stated:

“Greater transparency, accountability and a plan that sets out how countries will increase funding is essential.  Rich countries cannot be allowed to kick this vital issue down the road again. If they do, it will means more hungry people, more damaging climate change emissions, and a further breakdown in trust that could bury hopes for a global climate deal in 2015.”

On Day 11, Oxfam representatives demonstrated outside the Conference site, chanting “Stop Climate Madness”.

Day 12 – The Conference closes with the usual cautiously optimistic assessment of what has been accomplished.

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