Yorklands Green Hub

Methane is a powerful GreenHouse Gas.  Methane emissions, such as the potential emissions from the Arctic waters, present a longer-term threat to our climate. There are other sources of methane that contribute to this threat, such as emissions from extraction of natural gas, and the recycling of organic waste.

Harvest Power is an American company that specializes in processes that generate electricity from organic waste.  A Harvest Power subsidiary in B.C. received a $4 million grant from the Federal Clean Energy Fund to develop a high efficiency system for producing renewable energy from food and yard waste. The proposal is to extract purified methane from waste that would otherwise be landfill.  This methane is then used to generate electricity.

This development is timely.  Unfortunately there are many municipal waste sites that still vent methane to the atmosphere.

Ontario should be a leader in the new methods that will check GHG emissions.  Is the Ontario Government prepared to show that it is serious about this leadership role?

Fortuitously there is a site that can be converted to a center for this leadership. The old Guelph Correctional Centre (GCC) has been closed for several years.  This site could be developed as a national resource to showcase best environmental practices. As such it would deserve the support of the Federal Government.

That is the objective of the Yorklands Green Hub, a non-partisan citizens group that is promoting an “Ontario Environmental Exhibition” at the former GCC site.

4RG  supports this initiative.  Go to the Yorklands site to learn more.

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