An obvious connection: drought and civil war.

Readers who wish more information on the connection between insurrection, drought and climate change should view the first episode in James Cameron’s series on Climate Change entitled “Years of Living Dangerously”. This episode deals with several countries but most relevant are the interviews and scenes concerning the four years of severe drought in Syria that preceded the civil war in that country.

This video confirms our conviction that climate change can radically de-stabilize countries.  So we can’t agree with Chris Alexander, the Member of the Canadian Parliament for Scarborough East and now a cabinet minister.  Alexander thinks that terrorism and insurrection is a more important issue than climate change.  He fails to recognize that climate change establishes the conditions for terrorism and insurrection to flourish.

So we have three areas in Africa and the Middle East – Darfur, Mali and Syria where the connection between drought and war is evident.

Also remember that the Pentagon considers that climate change raises issues of national security for the United States.  That conclusion should now be obvious to every North American politician.

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