Keystone and Beyond

Keystone and Beyond by John H. Cushman
Tar Sands and the National Interest in the Era of Climate Change
May 2014
Canadians are familiar with our boom bust history of resource exploitation, beginning with the fur trade. We soon acquired the reputation of ‘hewers of wood and drawers of water”, and we exported our raw minerals and fossil fuels so that others could turn them into useful, profitable products.
It is, therefore, no surprise that our Alberta-loving Prime Minister should champion the export of crude oil to the exclusion of a green energy industry in this era of critical climate crisis.
Keystone and Beyond  details how, in the U.S., George W. Bush and Dick Cheney completely misjudged future energy developments. They were convinced that their policy was a “no-brainer”, a phrase soon adopted by Stephen Harper.
This book will appeal to experts and non-experts. It is most useful in understanding the science and economics of energy production and helps explain why the Tar Sands will soon be an uneconomic greenhouse gas disaster.
When we can’t sell our Tar Sounds crude oil, will we then try to sell our poisoned fresh water?
Anthony Ketchum
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