The Ontario Government has taken a small step which is enormous in the context of North American politics. The step:  re-naming the Department of the Environment as the Department of the Environment and Climate Change.

In our recent letter to Premier Wynne we stated:

“Along with other Provinces, your Government committed to bring these [GHG] emissions down to 15% below their 1990 level by 2020. In subsequent years your government encouraged the development of renewable energy and phased out coal-fired generating plants.

 We give you and your colleagues, past and present, full credit for this and other programs that mitigate emissions. . . .

Can you demonstrate how your party can live up to its promise to reduce emissions?  The electorate needs more than words: what programs will your government institute to contribute to reductions, how soon, and how much?”

In one sense inclusion of Climate Change in the departmental name is nothing but the addition of two words.  Yet, with the appointment of Glenn Murray as Minister, we believe that it will be followed by action.  And if there is action we will give this government full credit for what they have done.

And if there is a lack of action on climate change we will be one of the many climate change groups that will hold the government responsible.


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