A Ray of Hope

Three years ago For Our Grandchildren (4RG) submitted a petition requesting the Federal Government to cooperate with the Provinces to develop a national policy on Renewable Energy by 2014.

In January 2012 we received a response from the Honourable Joe Oliver. He said nothing whatsoever about a national policy on Renewable Energy by 2014 or any other year!    See our blogFederal Government short-changes Renewable Energy”.

At the 2007 a meeting of the Council of the Federation, the Provincial Premiers explored the prospects for a national policy.  They did not anticipate the indifference of the Federal Government, which was too busy selling the tar sands internationally to be concerned about renewables.

Nothing significant has happened at the federal level since then. But there are now signs of a change.  At the 2014 meeting the Provincial Premiers adopted this  vision statement:

“Canada is a global leader in providing a secure, sustainable and reliable supply of energy that is delivered with a high standard of environmental and social responsibility, consistent with efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes to continued economic growth and prosperity for all Canadians.”

The official communiqué of the meeting referred to “A Canadian Energy Strategy” included a commitment to

  • Maintain the highest degree of environmental safeguards and protection, including by addressing climate change, climate resilience and reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally, and
  • Support a diverse range of energy assets. (Ed. Comment: not just the tar sands!)

Finally we are likely to see the Provinces push the Federal Government to take some action on renewable energy. Our next blog will be explain what led to this multi-province initiative and where it will go next.

For other commentary see

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