Big Deal!

The Federal Conservatives are stepping up the rhetoric.   When the Federal Government gives some of taxpayers’ money to a worthy-project, why that is something to be “Celebrated”!   So says the headline of a recent Press Release from the Federal Government:  “MP Albrecht Celebrates Clean Technology Milestone in Guelph.

What encouraged all this ballyhoo? Well, Harold Albrecht, Member of Parliament for Kitchener–Conestoga (Ontario), participated in a groundbreaking ceremony for the first of several homes to be built as part of Canada’s largest net-zero low-rise residential demonstration project.

As for “Technology Milestone” – we tend believe that these homes are found in numerous places around the world. If you wish to see an example, you can make an arrangement with Anthony and Mary Ketchum to see their house in Hockley Valley.

In our view these projects should be a routine activity, occurring on a weekly basis, and not something to shout about.

But this is really nothing compared to what will come. Once the Federal Conservatives call a Federal Election they will  unleash the civil servant press officers in Ottawa who do their bidding to advise voters of the Federal largesse.

P.S.  This MP has participated in a number of ground breaking ceremonies but we could not find a photographic record of the “Clean Technology Milestone”.  So we used one of Mr. Albrecht from another occasion.

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