Civic Elections in Ontario and climate change

After four years of relative neglect, the problems caused by a changing climate are a concern of the candidates running for municipal office in 2014.

Toronto Mayoralty Race

Elizabeth May recommends Olivia Chow.  With such a recommendation Chow will certainly have the support of voters who consider that climate change and its impact on Toronto is the key issue in this election.  The candidate that ranks highest in the polls, John Tory , has green credentials  although not as impressive as Chow’s.

Doug Ford did not show any interest in climate change issues when he was a Councillor, and nothing he has said since standing as a candidate for Mayor even hints that he has changed.  Essentially he is a family surrogate for his brother, Rob.

Toronto Councillors

There are number of good candidates amongst Councillors standing for re-election who can be expected to advance civic preparedness for Climate change.  We will only mention two of the most active: Gord Perks in Ward 14, and Glenn de Baeremaeker in Ward 43.

There is one step everyone can take that will alert candidates to the important of the issue.  We know that climate change is costing all Toronto Citizens. Go to this link where you will find an open letter requesting City Council to inform us what climate change has cost Toronto already, and what will future costs be if we don’t reduce emissions, and not guard against future consequences.  Just identify yourself and send it off!

Please use the comments section to advance the names of other councillors whose contributions are unknown to 4RG.

Peterborough Mayoralty and Councillor Contests

The Peterborough 4RG Chapter has done a good job in getting candidates standing for election to state where they stand on Climate Change Issues.  If you are in the Peterborough-Kawartha’s district please follow this link.

If you have anything to add – a recommendation of another candidate – post a comment below or send us an email.

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