Toronto goes to the polls

Two of the three mayoralty candidates in this Toronto civic election had green credentials:  Olivia Chow, who was endorsed by Elizabeth May, and John Tory, who has been active in local environmental projects.  Both these candidates included environmental planks in their election platform directed at climate change..

Just before voting day, both the Toronto Star and The Globe  set out the platform of the three candidates seeking election.

The Star’s published a summary proposals of Chow and Tory directed to the environment:

Olivia Chow

John Tory

Plant 100,000 trees per year . . .

 Spend up to $7 million more on tree  planting and plant 3.8 million trees in  10 years. Invest $2 million over two  years to collect data on energy  consumption in city buildings.

The Star comment’s on  Doug Ford’s environmental/ climate change platform: “No proposals yet”.

The Globe devoted more space to the platforms of all three candidates, presented in 13 separate categories:  transit, Gardiner Expressway, crime, child care etc.. The Globe and Mail completely ignored climate change.

One assumes that the Globe is familiar with extreme weather events, the need for resilient infrastructure, the maintenance of Toronto’s tree canopy, energy efficiency etc. Like Ford,  the Globe appears to think that climate change is not an issue that need concern municipal  voters.

One area where they will be progress:  the three candidates focused on improvements in public transit, without mentioning the benefits that a more efficient public transit system  would  have on climate change.

Over the coming years The United Nations projects significant progress in mitigation of and adaptation to climate change at the municipal levels.

Given the lack of voter interest, does this projection apply to Toronto?  We will know shortly.

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