A book that may change everything

This Changes EverythingThis Changes Everything:  Capitalism v. the Climate is a book which we all need to read at least once. Read it I implore you!

The book is an intimate chat with Naomi Klein discussing virtually every aspect of climate change/disruption, but first, a quote from Journey of the Universe by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker:

“The evolution of the Earth over 4.5 billion years shows us how molten rocks have become monarch butterflies and the music of Mozart. It is miraculous, yet industrial civilization is destroying the very conditions for its existence.”

We could say that our civilization depends on you and all of us taking action as we stare catastrophe in the face. Naomi Klein’s insights and revelations provide just the authority we need as the call to arms summons us. Her book has recently won the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust prize and has received wide acclaim in Canada and beyond.

Klein’s research during the five years she worked on this book is staggering. There are 58 pages of highly detailed Notes, not to mention 30 pages of Index, all in small font. The text itself has 15 sections and numerous sub-sections. Read the 28 page Introduction tonight and if you aren’t determined to finish the book as quickly as possible, I want to know why!

Those of us who remember World War II and life before the consumer culture took hold continue to be shocked that  57% of the energy produced in the U.S.A. is wasted through inefficiencies. And watching the tens of thousands of goods in containers as they travel by truck, train and ship, most of us are amazed when we learn that, very quickly,  two-thirds of the material goods in the U.S.A. end up in waste dumps.

If ever there was a clearly articulated, exhaustively researched call to arms this is it. We watch new tipping points to catastrophe  popping up everywhere, but the usual tactics of environmentalists won’t help us.

“For a quarter of a century we have tried the approach of polite incremental change …the results have been disastrous”.

Our ecosystem and planetary system are at war. And Klein chronicles the co-opting of “Big Green” environmental groups by corporations: Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, and the Conservation Fund along with many others.

The very conservative International Energy Association’s chief economist is quoted as saying the door to reach two degrees will be closed forever in 2017  YES, two years from now:  2017.

We have reached “Decade Zero”. The People’s Climate March in New York City hoped to take the urgent message to the U.N. Will we see action? You can help by reading this book – and recommending it to your friends.

This Changes Everything:  Capitalism v. the Climate

Naomi Klein, Knopf  2014  466 pages of text, extensive notes, index

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