Carbon Tax Awareness and Acceptance

About a year ago I wrote that I felt that discussion about carbon tax was becoming more common and was now ready for polite society. I scoured the internet and found quite a few articles on the topic, but they were still fairly sparse. In the ensuing year I have felt that the topic appears more and more often in the press and in public discussion.

I turned to Google Trends to see if I could back up my intuition and was disappointed to find the chart below. It shows that Google searches for the term Carbon Tax have remained pretty flat since spiking in 2011 when Australia introduced its legislation.

Then last week the Peterborough Examiner published these letters on the subject of climate change and Carbon Tax, including one from Al Slavin. On the same day our friends visiting from Guelph had brought their local paper and it too contained a letter to the editor on Carbon Tax. Encouraged, I prowled around again and found that the topic is indeed very commonly discussed.

Here are a few recent articles on this topic that give me hope that awareness and acceptance are increasing:

  • This poll provides evidence that 56% of Canadians would support a Carbon Tax similar to the one in British Columbia.
  • Preston Manning is adding his voice to the call for a Carbon Tax. Speaking this morning on The Current he expressed his belief in our moral imperative to put a price on all kinds of pollution, including burning fossil fuels. He knows this includes a carbon tax but he believes that it would be better expressed through Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission. He explained that  this approach is really compatible with conservative values and avoids the government micro-management that might be the result of other approaches.
  • Stephane Dion recently published this paper reiterating his call for a world carbon price as a key requirement for effective action to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
  • George Shultz, Ronald Reagan’s secretary of State from 1982 to 1989 favours a Carbon Tax like the one in BC and increased government funding on clean technology.
  • On The Daily show Jon Stewart slams the US for rejecting carbon taxes.

I could go on but I think you get the point. We are making headway. People are catching on, politicians are catching up and there is hope that they will take action soon.

Keep explaining it to your friends and keep writing letters to the editor and to our political leaders. Every voice helps.

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