Lima COP 20: Conclusion

A much earlier 4RG blog raised the question that Canadians should be asking themselves:  is my country honest? When our Government representatives speak at the Conference of the Parties are they being candid?  Or do they evade issues, knowing that what they should say is inconsistent with the image they wish to present?

Our Minister of the Environment delivered a short speech at Lima COP 20.  In it she asserted that Canada was leading international efforts (twice),  that Canada was a world leader (once) and was showing leadership (once).

Perhaps our Minister was responding  to the earlier remarks of the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, to the COP20  delegates:

“ . . . whether we’re able to promptly and effectively address climate change is as big a test of global leadership, of the international order – such as we call it – it’s the biggest test of that that you’ll find. Every nation – and I repeat this as we hear the debates going back and forth here – every nation has a responsibility to do its part if we’re going to pass this test. And only those nations who step up and respond to this threat can legitimately lay claim to any mantle of leadership and global responsibility. And yes, if you’re a big, developed nation and you’re not helping to lead, then you are part of the problem. “

Our Minister had nothing new to say.  Nothing to confirm that Canada was seriously committed to meeting its Copenhagen targets for limiting GHG emissions by 2020.   Nothing concrete to back up the claim of leadership.

The Federal Government did not provide leadership at COP 20.   The Province of Ontario did.  So did the Provinces of Quebec and British Columbia. But they need the Federal Government on side.  When that happens Canada will be a leader, but not until then

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