Why no” fossil of the year” recognition for Canada at Lima

COP 20 Lima was the end of a long winning record.  Canada had been awarded the “Fossil of the Year” at five consecutive COP meetings.   At the Warsaw COP Canada received “Lifetime Unachievement Fossil Award.”

At Lima Canada was shut out!!

Why did this happen?   It wasn’t for lack of trying by our Government.  Just before the LIMA Conference started our Prime Minister informed the world that regulating the fossil fuel industry, less profitable because the price of oil has fallen, was “crazy”.  That in itself ought to have been sufficient.

If not, then why didn’t the judges focus on the report of the Federal Environmental Commissioner that Canada would fall well short of its Copenhagen Target?

Admittedly, our Government poorly  timed the announcement that Canada would contribute $265 Million (US) to the Green Climate Fund. Could this announcement not have been delayed under after the Conference?   This reversal of a policy took us out of the running.

A  member of the Canadian Youth Delegation at Lima had the best explanation.  “It’s not because Ottawa’s delegation turned into a positive influence here but because our country is becoming more and more irrelevant at these talks,” said Alex Cool-Fergus of the Canadian Youth Delegation.

For more commentary on the  history of the Fossil of the Year award go to

Proud Canadians

Shame and Embarrassment for Canada at the Climate Talk (this link takes you to the Website of the Boomer Warrior – a site we recommend you put on your favourites list.)

Sidebar commentary:  the story behind the image associated with this post, as told to us by the Canadian Youth Delegation.

“The morning began on a somber note. For the third year in a row, the Philippines have been devastated by a typhoon during the negotiations. In advance of this year’s Typhoon Hagupit, some 1.2 million people left their homes in one of the largest peacetime evacuations in history.  This morning we stood in solidarity with and observed a moment of silence for those most impacted by the effects climate change.”



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