A Salute to our Honourary Member, David Suzuki

David Suzuki is one of the Honourary Members of For Our Grandchildren.  He is very conscious of the moral obligation his generation owes to future generations.

He has written a book “Letters to my Grandchildren”.   We read an excerpt of one David’s letters in this forthcoming book soon to be published. In this excerpt Suzuki describes how Japanese culture that had basically remained the same for three centures changed in as many decades. His ancestors were Samaurai, a warrior class.  The transformation of Japanese society much reduced the influence of Samaurai, a circumstance that contributed to his Grandfather and Grandmother emigrating to Canada.

Suzuki lunderstands aboriginal culture, an understanding that is more natural given his family history. In turn, Suzuki wants his grandchidlredn to appreciate the wisdom of aboriginal culture.

This book offers his grandfatherly advice to his five grandchildren, recounts stories from his own childhood, and explores what makes life meaningful. As he ponders life’s deepest questions and offers up a lifetime of wisdom, Suzuki inspires us all to live with courage, conviction, and passion.

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