Four Years of doing nothing!

One institution that enables citizens to inform the Federal Government of a desired policy is the Petition to the House of Commons.  Four years ago 4RG submitted a petition on the subject of renewable energy.   The petition requested that the Federal Government take immediate steps “

“. . .  to develop in cooperation with the Provinces of Canada a national policy on Renewable Energy, with the goal of presenting to the Parliament of Canada this national policy by 2014 for adoption into law and subsequent implementation by Government action.”

The Federal Minister for Energy, Joe Oliver, responded to the petition with vague generalities but avoided any commitment to a national policy.

So in 2013 we submitted a second petition on the same subject to keep the issue before the Federal Government and the Provinces.

Finally in 2014 the Provincial Premiers undertook to formulate a Canadian Energy Policy.  But they do not seem to have accepted the obvious:  any national policy on energy had to give priority to renewable energy.

One of Canada’s problems is its obsession with the development of the tar sands.  This obsession is a good example of a government’s failure to understand that future economic success will be based on clean energy sources, i.e. renewables.

Canada has bet on fossil fuels, which lately have proved to be a bit of a bust.  Whether they will recover in the next couple of years is beside the point.  We have to wean our economy off fossil fuels and onto renewables.  The online news source, IPolitics, has an excellent commentary by Dan Woynillowicz on the future of renewables.

Alden Meyer, director of strategy and policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists, puts it this way:

“Political leaders now face a choice: they can either put policies in place to achieve this essential shift [to renewable energy], or they can spend the rest of their careers dealing with climate disaster after climate disaster”.

Our request to the Provincial Premiers is simple:  at your April meeting make the need for a Canadian renewable energy policy the main point of your message.

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