The Coal lobby goes to Rome!

The tactics are obvious.  Acting through its facade, the Heartland Institute, the American coal lobby will counter today’s Vatican Summit on Climate Change not on its merits, but simply by creating media noise.

With participation by the same very small  group of scientists and commentators,  the Heartland Institute is sponsoring its own Forum to be held in the same city on the same date as the Vatican summit.  At that meeting its supporters will question everything about climate change and the moral obligation to take action.

The European media won’t be convinced.  More likely it will be scathing in its criticism of this export of “greed”.

But Heartland’s staged activity will be picked up and reported by the American media.  To American citizens it will seem that there continues to be two sides of the debate on climate change.  So a doubt will remain.  As Marc Marano explains:  a doubt is sufficient to stall action on climate change.

Just to rub it in, Heartland’s commentators will remind the Vatican of the responsibility to care for the poor of this world.  And – according to them – the responsible approach is to let them burn the cheapest and most plentiful fossil fuel of them all:  coal.

To get an appreciate of the moral bankruptcy of the Heartland Institute read

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