Humans: Selfish or Compassionate? (2)

Many months ago we noted that the Anglican and Evangelical Churches of Canada had taken a bold step: baptismal vows were changed to include a promise to work for the integrity of creation.

What does that promise require of parents, godparents and – ultimately – the newly baptised infant?

We tried to capture the substance of that promise and the choice that it required in a question that was a title to a blog:  Humans: Selfish or Compassionate?

The recent Vatican summit addressed that question.  The President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace,  Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana (the gentleman whose picture precedes this commentary), referred to the consequences of burning fossil fuels as “disruption of the Earth on an almost unfathomable scale”. The Cardinal added:

“In our recklessness, we are traversing some of the planet’s most fundamental natural boundaries. . . And the lesson from the Garden of Eden still rings true today: pride, hubris, self-centredness are always perilous, indeed destructive. The very technology that has brought great reward is now poised to bring great ruin.”

Go to our Mission Statement.  We must leave the planet for our grandchildren, not as a devastated landscape but as a new Eden, a garden that each spring gives hope for the future.

That is why 4RG,  Just Earth and other climate change organizations will be sponsoring an Ecumenical Climate Change Forum based on the Papal Encyclical scheduled for release in June.  Stay tuned!

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