“Canada’s miss on emissions.

Jeffrey Simpson is one of our favourite columnists.   Read his article in today’s Globe (An unambitious emissions target we won’t even hit) that should be compulsory reading for all voters.

Here are some excerpts from his column:

“Being the Environment Minister in the Harper government is political purgatory. The environment generally, and greenhouse-gas emissions reduction in particular, are far, far down the list of priorities, and the ministers have tended to therefore be of marginal importance in the government.”

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“(Climate Change is) a political loser for the Prime Minister with most of his supporters. Those for whom climate change represents a pressing issue aren’t going to vote Conservative. So why bother expending any political capital on the issue, reasons the Prime Minister.

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“Nothing suggests the target announced by Ms. Aglukkaq on Friday will be any more credible than anything else Canada has promised for a quarter of a century. Canada is justly known in international climate-change circles as a cross between a hypocrite and a deadbeat.”

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“With a straight face, poor Ms. Aglukkaq (somebody has to read these lines) said, “Canada’s ambitious new target and planned regulatory actions underscore our continued commitment to cut emissions at home.” First, the target is not ambitious at all. Next, no “continued commitment” has ever existed for this government . . . “

“Obviously, this government won’t be around any time near 2030 – it might not even be around after the next election. So promises this government makes about what will happen 15 years from now are not worth very much.

Having utterly failed to meet its previous GHG reduction target, no one should put any credence in the Harper government’s latest one.

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