Re-orienting thought about Climate Change

About a year ago, Republican politicians in the US dodged questions about climate change by saying “I am not a scientist”.   Now they are not happy that in his Encyclical “Laudato Sii” released today, Pope Francis I has adopted and affirmed the science of which they were (and are?)  ignorant.

How do Republicans dismiss such a powerful statement by a world-admired spiritual leader?

Governor Jeb Bush is a leading Republican Presidential candidate.  He characterizes the Pope’s encyclical message as economic policy.  And he doesn’t “take economic policy from priests, bishops, cardinals or the Pope himself.”

So Governor Bush, what is your response to the reference in the Encyclical to the “unprecedented destruction of ecosystems” (That’s not economic policy, it’s a scientific conclusion).

And what about the Pope’s identification of our moral responsibility to avoid “serious consequences for all of us”?    (Morality! )

Four Our Grandchildren doesn’t have the resources of the Republican Party:  its advertizing money, its communication skills, the millions of potential voters who will consider voting Republican. Why won’t Republican politicians acknowledge this responsibility and concentrate these resources to explore the best way to meet its demands?   (That is where economic policy comes in!)

We side with Pope Francis that all nations must recognize a moral responsibility for the future of the planet. Read our comments Human Beings:  Selfish or Compassionate, and, A Fundamental Moral Issue.

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