Having your cake and Eating it too!

Provincial Premiers meeting today as the Council of the Federation hope to hammer out a national energy strategy. According to a leaked draft report the Premiers are considering a policy that favours pipelines and their supporting infrastructure to deliver Alberta crude (including Tar Sands bitumen) to international markets.

A necessary consequence of a pro-pipeline strategy  is that the Premiers accept the continued exploitation of the tar sands as desired by Alberta’s new NDP Government.

Will other Premiers, who have worked hard to reduce GHG emissions in their Province that have come with a political cost, approve of oil patch provinces increasing their emissions?

To compensate for these concessions to Alberta, there are face-saving generalities about  targets in the draft report.  In our view, these generalities highlight the lack of a firm commitment to effective measures to limit climate change.  Environmental groups who regard a Canadian clean energy strategy as essential have noted the lack of substance in the draft report.

The world knows that the tar sands have been and will continue to be emission target breakers for Canada.  Our Federal Government will never commit to the ambitious targets needed to limit global warming to 2 degrees C.

Certain provinces have suggested that they wish to be present at COP 21.  If so,  they cannot let the Council of Federation adopt the draft report. That outcome would destroy their credibility.

Pipelines for continued tar sands exploitation AND effective GHG emission targets.  Like having your cake and eating it too!

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