The Federal Election

In her speech to the Climate Summit of the Americas, Premier Kathleen Wynne set the bar for environmental organizations. “ Make climate change an issue in the next Federal elections”.

Yes, but how?  That is the problem facing 4RG, a small organization of seniors.

The larger environmental groups will expand their usual media activity. The public is used to these activities – only the level will be increased.

Unfortunately the level of media noise at election times will also increase.  The importance of a message may be lost on many voters.  Persons now concerned about climate change will get the message. But,  as has happened to climate change in public opinion polls, many voters will end up placing the issue towards the bottom of their concerns.

                SO WE HAVE TO DO MORE! 


On June 10th, the For Our Grandchildren  Steering Committee voted to establish a Federally-registered political party under the name “The 4RG Party of Canada” (the party).  This Party will be a separate unincorporated association, distinct from the not-for-profit corporation, For Our Grandchildren.

Why?  Because we want to speak directly to electors who are grandparents. . . electors who share our worry over what will happen to our grandchildren.

For Our Grandchildren will continue as it has before. No supporter of For Our Grandchildren will be co-opted to be a member of the Party.  They are free to become a member, but that is their choice.

How?  Simply complete and sign an Elections Canada Member Declaration form that supports our request for registration.  We can send this Form to you as an email attachment.  When we have collected 300 signatures on this form, we will submit all signed forms to Elections Canada.  Elections Canada checks the contact particulars to make sure there are no irregularities- so you may get a telephone call to confirm your participation.

There is one difficult step. We must nominate a candidate in at least one riding, which requires 100 voters in that riding to sign the official nominal form.  These signatories can also sign the Member Declaration Forum.   If we get registered as a Federal Political Party, Federal law enables us to give tax deductions for donations – which we can’t at present

Any funds we collect will be disbursed to defend out positions on climate change.    We are only targeting the Conservative Party as that Party has not and will not (if re-elected) take effective steps to fight climate change.  Just read or re-read our blogs that catalogue the neglect of this serious issue, and their failure to keep climate change promises.

Participation in the election is the last option open to us. We are trying to make it happen in time for this election as 2019 it will be too late!

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