Please World – get this straight!

As has been said so often:  global warming increases the intensity and frequency of natural weather systems.  Or – to put it another way – global warming is a significant contributor to the extreme weather events we are experiencing.

This comparison was popular a couple of years back:  a star baseball player, famous for his home run hitting, takes performance enhancing drugs. He continues to hit home runs, increases his production, and stays in his team’s starting line up for many more years.

No single home run blast can be attributed to his taking of drugs.  But taking drugs is a contributing factor to his continuing success as a slugger.

Voters in North America, many of them  baseball fans,  seem to have forgotten this analogy.  They must be reminded  each time there is a natural disaster, such as periods of droughts in California, Texas and the Western Canadian Provinces.  These droughts have resulted in parched agricultural lands and/or record wild fires, often followed by flash flooding.

Researchers have analysed the data relating to the four years of drought that has hit California. They have projected that “global warming is likely to exacerbate future droughts. . . .  [which will] increasingly impact society by reducing groundwater reserves.”

To quote from the California report:

[Global warming] “ . . .has intensified [by up to 20 %] the recent drought as part of a chronic trend toward enhanced drought that is . . . projected to continue growing throughout the rest of this century.”

 Climate Change has already  contributed to the seriousness of extreme weather events. This level of contribution will only increase.

So wake up world!

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