A critical election

We live on Bowood Avenue in Toronto.   A street that is also a community.  Many young families and lots of kids.

When I see them skipping along the street, hear them play in their back yard, watch them shoot hoops in their front yard, I think “These are the grandchildren we are trying to protect.”

Read why  4RG decided to form a separate political party. Not an easy task for a small organization, but necessary to help our voices get through to voters during election time.  This political party is to be a means of transmitting our concern, and a reminder to politicians that they must act effectively to limit climate change.

The 2015 election has demonstrates how necessary this is.  Climate change is not a central issue, as it should be.

There is still a hope.  The Conservative Party should be punished for its indifference to climate change, its hucksterism for the fossil fuel industry, its destruction of environmental protection, etc. . . I could go on,  but instead I invite you to listen to the climate change message prepared by Steve Best for the Animal Alliance/Environment Voters Party.

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