‘Tis folly to be wise?

Ignorance is bliss – until we have to live with its consequences.

We have blundered into a “climate” trap. Our fossil fuels emissions for the last 100 plus years guarantee global warming for decades to come.

There is no way out of this trap, or minimizing its consequences, without sacrificing the “bliss” of the last 100 plus years:  ever-rising growth and material comfort!

Clearly “we” refers to the citizens of developed countries. We are the ones who have been living in bliss.

Citizens of most countries in the Southern Hemisphere have not shared our bliss.  Yet they will be the ones to suffer most if the world doesn’t manage to escape from “the trap”.

Pope Francis has long recognized this reality.  His Encyclical “Laudato Si” is an appeal to our sense of compassion for others.  If citizens of developed countries and their political leaders are indifferent to that appeal, the international climate change conference at Paris will be a failure.

We are back to a fundamental question that troubles us?  Human Beings – Selfish or Compassionate?  The Pope’s visit to New York City later this month, and the reception he receives, will help answer that question.

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