Climate change ignored

The Globe & Mail is the principal sponsor of the next leaders debate, to be held in Calgary this coming Thursday.  The Globe – a business oriented paper – decided that the debate will center on economic policy.  To quote the Globe:

“(The debate) “will probe the economic platforms of the three official parties, assessing their plans on everything from energy and housing to taxation and jobs.”

Only three leaders will participate, Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair.   Not Elizabeth May!

Given the

  • Focus of the debate that does not recognize, let alone emphasize, the importance of renewable energy to our economy;
  • The omission of Ms. May as a participant in the debate, and
  • The location of the debate (in Alberta where there is considerable anxiety about the economy and little enthusiasm for regulation of the fossil fuel industry);

climate change policy will not be a subject for debate, if it is mentioned at all.

Stephen Harper claims that climate change is not an election issue.  By its choice of topic, the Globe has re-inforced this claim.  Without Ms. May the silence may mislead voters into accepting Harper’s claim.

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  1. The Liberal document (Real Change, A New Plan for Canada’s Environment and Economy) claims to put the environment and the economy together. Roughly paraphrased they claim that they will phase out fossil fuel subsidies and divert the savings towards investing in clean technologies. The amounts mentioned are inadequate and the timing is vague, but the concept is mentioned. Questions to Trudeau could ask him to elaborate on this claim.

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