One down . . . !

Like Canada’s Stephen Harper, Tony Abbott Prime Minister of Australia was a sceptic about climate change.

Abbott explained extreme weather conditions that hit Australia, such as record-breaking temperatures, followed by bush fires, as Mother Nature Australian style (Abbott: “Fire is a fact of Australian experience”.)

Claiming there was no link between bushfires and climate change, Abbott dismissed decades of scientific research in Australia. (Abbott: Complete hogwash”.)

Abbott became leader of the Liberals by challenging Malcolm Turnbull on the issue of climate change.

The Australian Liberal/National coalition has just voted Tony Abbott out of the job of Prime Minister of Australia. The irony is that this time around the Liberals chose Turnbull to succeed Abbott.

Turnbull’s most challenging and immediate issue is to decide whether the commitment in Australia’s internally determined national contribution (INDC) to reduction of GHG will be increased. Its current INDC ranks Australia as amongst the worst submitted by developed countries, along with Canada.

A party rebellion against a Canadian Prime Minister is highly unlikely.  Stephen Harper has too much control over the Conservative party, a control backed by the all powerful Prime Minister’s Office.

Canadians have to go to the polls to replace a Prime Minister.  If climate change is not an issue, we may find that Stephen Harper is back in power, with the support of less than a third of the electorate.

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