Alberta leads!

In the months to come all Canadians will appreciate the importance of what the Alberta Government did today.   We are referring to Alberta’s announcement of new climate change policies such as:  a cap on tar sands emissions and setting a price on carbon.

Read the Alberta Government web page entitled ” Climate Leadership   that explains its measures to limit climate change.  The page deserves a sub-title “Climate Courage”.

Today we posted a commentary on COP21.  In this commentary we tried to understand why our new Liberal Government is sticking with the clearly inadequate proposals for reduction of Canadian emissions.

We explained that setting standards and putting in place an infrastructure for measures against climate change would take time.

Admittedly, there is more to be done, but the message to be taken from Alberta’s action today is that Canada can be on a catch-up track.  Perhaps not in time for COP 21 but certainly for subsequent COP meetings.

Please email your support and appreciation of these actions directly to Premiere Notley at and encourage her to play a leadership role in the forthcoming Federal Provincial Conference.



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