Canada’s Leadership Role

The previous Canadian Government claimed that Canada was playing a leadership role in the COP Meetings!  This claim became more preposterous the more times it was repeated.

Fortunately our present Government  is a leader.  Here are two examples of leadership.

Recent statements by Catherine McKenna, our Minister of the Environment, puts Canada in the forefront of a development that gives island states a reasonable chance of survival. She stated the COP target for global warming should be 1.5 degrees C.  Other countries like Australia, France and Germany agree.

Other countries are pushing for 2 degrees C.  McKenna regards  this level as the minimum to be achieved, or alternatively the maximum allowable warming.

The President of COP 21, Fabius Laurent, named McKenna as one of the Ministerial Facilitators who are to lead the review of the draft text of the Climate Agreement and present a final version for ratification by the COP countries.  Her immediate mandate was to chair a review of the text establishing co-operative mechanisms.

Her  appointment demonstrates the confidence of the Secretariat and the French Government in Canada.

McKenna also announced that Canada would commit to $150 million for the African Renewable Energy Initiative.  This initiative will help African countries transition towards a low carbon future.

Not a bad first innings for somebody who was a rookie!

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