A Manifesto for Ambition

International Alliance of Grandparents for the Climate (IAGC)

L’Alliance International des Grand-Parents pour le Climat

Eight countries have come together to fight to protect grandchildren from the ravages of global warming. The representatives of these countries have adopted the following as the statement of their mission.

The International Alliance of Grandparents for the Climate (IAGC) speaks and acts in defense of  the world’s children and grandchildren and their inborn right to a sustainable future. We appeal to Elders of all nations to take action on climate change and climate justice.

L’Alliance Internationale des Grands-Parents pour le Climat (AIGC), s’engage par la parole et par les actes, pour et avec les enfants et petits-enfants de la Terre et leur droit fondamental à un avenir viable. Nous lançons un appel pour que notre génération, dans toutes les nations, se mobilise pour le climat et la justice climatique.

We recognize that under the leadership of the COP21 host country there has been progress towards climate justice. But much more needs to be done.

We demand that the leaders of the nations at COP 21 adopt 1.5 degrees C as the maximum increase in global warming. We acknowledge that keeping to this limit presents a great challenge that can only be met by redoubling the level of collective ambition.

Yet the rewards of such efforts will benefit children – and grandchildren yet unborn. And a significant reduction of risk to the most vulnerable countries, such as island states.

Some of the countries represented in the our Alliance support this limit. We expect that in the next short interval they will be able to convince others of the justice of our demand.

International Alliance of Grandparents for the Climate (IAGC).

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