Balanced, differentiated and legally binding

These are the words of Laurent Fabius, the President of COP, describing the draft text of the Agreement that will replace the Kyoto Protocol.

The draft text is being circulated among the COP delegates who this afternoon will be asked to affirm their country’s support by voting in favour of the text.  Considering that these delegates have been engaged  in the preparation of a final text over several long days, there is no possibility of a rejection.

Fabius also urged the not to let a “quest for the perfect” be the enemy of the public good.

Let me give an example of what these words entail.  As followers of my blogs from Paris know, 4RG supports a 1.5 degrees C limit on global warming.

In his address this morning Faubius referred to the adoption of a 2 degree limit, but also stated that all countries would use their best efforts to limit emissions to an amount that would keep warming to the lower limit.  Fabius encouraged countries to be ambitious and to do everything so that the world warming does not exceed the 1.5 limit!

One certain result of COP: fossil fuels are on the way out, and it is only a matter of time.  Developing nations will be the recipient of $100 billion a year starting in 2020 to power their economies.  These monies will come from the developed and emergencing countries, and will be used for renewable energy Projects and adaptation.

The COP 21 Agreement will succeed where Copenhagen failed.


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