Only the Climate has changed!

Four years ago the City of Memphis was flooded by the Ohio River, a tributary of the Mississippi river, causing $2 billion of damage.

Now Southern US states are bracing themselves for major flooding as surging waters that have inundated parts of Missouri and Illinois flow down the Mississippi.

Jay Nixon, governor of Missouri, toured the flooded areas in his state. Nixon said he couldn’t quite believe the damage wrought.

“I’m from this part of the state and, quite frankly, it’s almost hard to believe! . . . “It’s almost as if you’re living on some other planet.”

Governor Nixon translated the enormous flooding he had seen into damage and disruption to Missouri voters.  We respect his expression of sympathy but question his words “. . . living on some other planet”?

Doesn’t the Governor know what contributes to the frequency and impact of extreme weather events such as the torrential rain that caused the flooding he witnessed?

The world hasn’t changed but the climate has! And if nations of the world don’t take action to limit climate change, Governor Nixon may witness such flooding again.

Source Manchester Guardian

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