Climate Change Competition: a vision of a post carbon world.

For Our Grandchildren and Earth Day Canada are asking students to work in groups to articulate a vision of their future in a post carbon world.

Imagine – the date is 2050 and it is an average day in the life of you, now a group of middle-aged people.  What does this day look since we are now living in a world where we have successfully achieved a less than 2 degree global warming scenario?  and our economy is no longer driven by and for carbon intensive industries, products and services!

Picture yourselves on this day, describe the day and then ask yourself, how did we get here?

To picture yourselves on the day – describe what you imagine an average day to look like, are you working? Does the nature of work look the same? what are your working conditions , does it look like how your parents are working or is it different? what does your community look like, where are you living and how are you living, how are you getting around, what are you eating and where does it come from? how do you feel, how are the children in your lives living and what are they doing, what does the city look like?

These are just suggestions – do not feel limited by this set of questions. Address many aspects of life or focus on one or a few – it’s up to you!

Now ask yourself – what had to happen between 2016 and 2050 to live the kind of average day you envision and hope to be living by 2050. This is the research part of the challenge – you will need to explain and provide references for the main aspects of our carbon world that need to be addressed and what the green alternatives there are or need to be for them.  Please consider that the solutions are not always technology substitutes and that there are many social solutions to living more green.

This challenge will measure both the creativity and imaginativeness of your vision, the research and support  upon which you have based your explanation for what had to happen to get to this post carbon day in the future, as well as the quality and creativity of your entry  in this competition and challenge.

For more information about this challenge visit this web page.

Deborah Doncaster
Chief Executive Officer, Earth Day Canada

“Blue Earth” Image reprinted with permission of NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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