Two “Canadians” in Texas

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is one of the front runners for the nomination as the Republican Presidential candidate.  Cruz was born in Canada so he has to meet the (unfounded) criticism that his birthplace raises an issue that might disqualify him from being President of the United States, even if elected.

Cruz is a sceptic when it comes to Climate Change.  He knows the science well. He dismisses politicians and others who are convinced of the reality of climate change as “alarmists”.  A lawyer, Cruz is an effective and popular defender of the scientific camp that insists global warming cannot be substantiated as a scientific conclusion.

Cruz used his position as Chairman of the US Senate Science sub-committee to hold hearings on the science of Climate Change at the same time as COP 21!! Three of the most prominent and credible defenders of his position gave testimony. The committee also heard from another Canadian, Mark Steyn. Steyn is not a scientist but a conservative political commentator. Among other things he said, he ridiculed the opinions of Democrat members of the Committee who spoke at the hearing.

In his remarks as Chairman, Cruz appealed to science to flatly contradict claims of scientific consensus.  He also used his advocacy techniques to rebuke the one scientist at the hearing who defended this “consensus”.  That is why 4RG used the words of William Shakespeare to characterize Cruz as the “devil” who can cite scripture for his purposes.

At this point you – if you are concerned about climate change – might be thinking:  “Can anything good come out of [Texas]”?

Enter the second Canadian from Texas: Dr.  Katherine Hayhoe.  She is not an alarmist, but an atmospheric scientist who recognizes the compelling evidence of climate change in her own state.

She has been described as a Climate Change Evangelist – she unites her scientific understanding with a moral basis that she finds in the Gospel message of love and hope.

If you are interested in hearing Dr. Hayhoe speak you have two opportunities this weekend: first, at Tyndale College on Saturday, January 16th,  and then at Yorkminister Park Baptist Church on Sunday, January 17, where she will join the Rev. Dr. Peter Holmes in a Dialogue Sermon. .

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