High School Students: Are you thinking about your future?

If you are, you are probably wondering how the effects of climate change will impact your life.  And – this is the most important question – what can you do to minimize these effects?

High school students across Canada deserve a chance to make their voices heard.  That is why For Our Grandchildren is sponsoring a Competition in which you and your school mates can compete.   We are starting in Toronto but we hope that will the support of other organizations we can go provincial and then national in the coming years.

Toronto Students can go to our events page where they will find an entry form for a school Team.  And the contest rules, and the procedures and the prizes.

We are co-sponsoring this competition with Earth Day Canada.  The winners will be announced at this years Earth Day Canada celebration held on April 22.

For Our Grandchildren acknowledges the financial assistance of New Horizons for Seniors, a Federal Government Program, without which this project to bring generations together would not be possible.

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