Wacky Weather Wisdom

Astronomers have discovered a new planet far beyond Pluto.  If there is life on that planet, the leading candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination –  judged by their comments on climate change – are as far out as its inhabitants.

Donald Trump is not a believer in climate change.  He says it’s the weather that changes . . . it goes up and it goes down over years and centuries.  Last year a 4RG blog commented that weather masks climate change.  In Trump’s case it is blotted out to the point that it does not exist.

Ted Cruz is second to Trump amongst Republican voters.  He says “satellite data shows there has been no warming whatsoever”.  (Does that mean that the findings by the World Meteorological Office and the US NOAA that 2014 was the warmest year ever until 2015 came along are all part of a scheme of deception? Or what his US Senate colleague Jim Inhofe calls a “hoax”).

Speaking of Senator Inhofe: Last year there was enough snow for him to make a snowball and toss it towards the Speaker of the Senate. He did this to prove there was no global warming.

A winter storm dumped 60 centimeters of snow on Washington last weekend!  What will Inhofe come up with this time to prove his point?  A regiment of snowmen on Pennsylvania Avenue?

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