“Journey to the Future”

In Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice Through the Looking Glass“, Alice steps through a mirror into a land of make believe.  In “Journey to the Future”, Guy Dauncey’s recent work of fiction, Patrick Wu, the narrator in the book, sneezes and sixteen years in the future finds himself in a Vancouver that has made good on its claim to be the greenest city in the world.

In the four-day period in which he can live in this future, Patrick meets many people, some friends he knew before his time travel, and other environmental activists to whom he is introduced.   These contacts tell him what has happened in the intervening sixteen years, and why they are optimistic about their future.

After the “sneeze” introduction to time travel, readers might suspect that, like  “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, this future account of Vancouver is make-believe, existing only in the imagination of the author.

Well, it isn’t. The author is very well informed on the possibilities that open up if people decide to organize “co-operatively” to counter the effects of climate change. He draws on this knowledge to create scenarios that are fictional but much more than plausible.

Many of these scenarios are based on activities that exist now in British Columbia.  Others are located elsewhere:  the author has adapted them to Vancouver.

Unlike works of fiction, the book has pages of end notes.  These end notes substantiate the scenarios as told to Wu of mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

Guy Dauncey describes himself as a eco-futurist. He also uses the term “practical utopian” for a website  – a description that fits these scenarios very well.

Dauncey wrote the book as an antidote to the pessimism that is not unknown among today’s environmentalists.

Dauncey’s imagination will inoculate you against the negativism that the magnitude of the necessary transformation is beyond our grasp.

Whether you are relatively new to climate change or a committed environmentalist, you will find Dauncey’s book well worth reading.  You can order his book on line using this link.

Remember: these scenarios exist!  They just have to be introduced to other committed cities that, like Vancouver, are serious about taking action against climate change.

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