A Climate Change Phoenix

Canadians have forgotten that in the 1980’s the Conservative Federal Government was the most environmentally committed Federal Government in Canada’s history.  In recent years that commitment has been much reduced, and on climate change issues it has practically vanished. Here are two straws in the wind that hint of a change.

One journalist recently commented “The most intriguing Conservative leadership contender so far is Michael Chong”, the Member of Parliament for Wellington – Halton Hills.”Chong has been quoted as saying: ”I think Conservatives need to rethink our positions on the environment, in particular on climate change.

At the Ontario level there have been shifts in the direction of the Conservative Party.  At the most recent party convention, the new provincial leader, Patrick Brown, described himself as a pragmatic Conservative who believes in climate change.

He criticized the cap-and-trade proposals of the Ontario Liberal Government as a cash grab.  In his opinion the plan must be revenue neutral with corresponding tax cuts for individuals and businesses.  A position that does not seem consistent with his criticism of the Government for having run up a large deficit.

In response to these comments 4RG communicated with Mr. Brown as follows:

“By stating that you are supportive of a price on carbon, you have placed the Conservative Party of Ontario on the necessary path to remedying the principal risk to the future of our grandchildren.  The path is not smooth nor strait but it must be taken.

“I expect that you will run into resistance from certain supporters of your party.  In my opinion you have no alternative but to challenge any resistance and insist that your colleagues take a constructive approach to the choice of mechanisms that will effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

We are waiting for Mr. Brown’s reply, which we will immediately publish.

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