Denialism that will destroy Canada!

Brad Wall will be Premier of Saskatchewan for the next four years.  Before his recent re-election he stated his opposition to a carbon tax as a way of carbon pricing. Unhelpful but at least the door was open to discussion of alternative measures.

Now that he has been re-elected he has gone further in what he asserts is a defence of Saskatchewan’s interests.  Here are the words of the most outrageous denials of Climate Change to emanate from a Canadian politician:

There are some in this country who, given the opportunity, would shut down major parts of Saskatchewan’s economy and put thousands of hard-working Saskatchewan people out of work, all in the name of some misguided dogma that has no basis in reality.

Our immediate reaction was: is this possible?  Well, in his Speech from the Throne on the opening of the Saskatchewan Legislature Wall used these words.

There is no sense telling Wall to look across the border at Fort McMurray. He was even more definite later in the Speech:

To those people, my government has a message.

You are wrong.

You could not be more wrong.

Will his presence at Federal Provincial meetings to determine how Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions can be reduced to meet our commitments under COP 21 be counter-productive?

Can he be stopped?   Or will he be our equivalent to Donald Trump?


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