Our Choice – the Unavoidable or the Inescapable II

You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.

That is the situation in which Canada now finds itself.  To live up to our  commitments in the Paris Accord, our governments have to spend money, have to finance third world countries that do not have the money they need, and cut down on emissions  from industries important to the Canadian economy.

The Ontario Government will very soon propose numerous legislative measures to restrict GHG emissions.  There will be a price to be paid by taxpayers.  Industries will have to finance many necessary changes by participating in a cap and trade plan. New burdens will be imposed on homeowners that will seem oppressive.

Restricting GHG emissions is the policy omelet that our planet  needs  to survive. Eggs that must be broken is the price to taxpayers etc.

P.S.  My generation (now grandparents) learned homespun truths captured in a saying drawn from everyday life.  The saying conveys a meaning at a level of simplicity that everyone understands as they have experienced its meaning in practical circumstances.

When reacting to a news item about climate change, I am tempted to use these “homespun truths” to illustrate a theme in a blog.  Perhaps this practice turns off reader of younger generations: Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z?  Do you agree?  Share your opinions in an email to me, or use the Comment facility at the bottom of this page.

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