A School Board acts to educate its students on climate change!

The Portland (Oregon)  School Board recently decided that some educational material used in their Schools was misleading as it implied that

  • climate change was not taking place and

  • in any event human activity was not a cause.  

The Board passed a resolution directing school staff to implement a curriculum to address “climate change and climate justice.”

To replace texts that raise doubts about climate change, the Board Resolution also directed that [Portland’s] school district commit

“to providing teachers, administrators, and other school personnel with professional development, curricular materials, and outdoor and field studies that explore the breadth of causes and consequences of the climate crisis as well as potential solutions that address the root causes of the crisis; and do so in ways that are participatory, imaginative, and respectful of students’ and teachers’ creativity and eagerness to be part of addressing global problems, and that build a sense of personal efficacy and empowerment…”

Ontario does not include climate change in the curriculum, although individual teachers are permitted to refer to the subject as part of other disciplines, such as environmental studies, physics, geography etc. 4RG has formally requested a meeting with the Minister of Education when we will request that Ontario expressly include climate change in the Provincial Curriculum on the Environment.

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