A Merchant of Doubt reacts to the Portland Schools Board Resolution

To no one’s surprise, the Heartland Institute reacted negatively to the April 19th Resolution of the Portland Public Schools Board that committed the Board and its teachers to explore the breadth of causes and consequences of the climate crisis.  According to the Institute:

“[The Resolution] is filled with so many layers of nonsense, ignorance, petty tyranny, and moral preening that it seems a bit much, even for hopelessly lefty Portland.”

“Here’s a shocker: This drive to purge doubt about the dogma is being driven by a radical environmentalist group.”

An article in the  Los Angeles Times commented on statements by Heartland’s Editor in Chief and Director of Communications.

The Heartland Institute, a conservative group, posted on its blog that the school district was “demanding that their unshakable faith in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming be the only thing taught in school.” In an email, Heartland’s director of communications, Jim Lakely, said the resolution was harmful because “it teaches kids in Portland public schools the falsehood that the science is settled.” He said he’s concerned that kids will be “indoctrinated instead of taught how the scientific method works.”

We wonder how the Institute would characterize the actions of Exxon, formerly one of its large financial backers over many years. Exxon did not release (i.e. suppressed), advice from its scientists confirming the connection between fossil fuels and global warming. And publicly argued that science was not settled!

The Institute suggests that the resolution stifles “Free speech”. Go to the resolution and judge for yourself.  As we read the resolution, it introduces the education that our grandchildren will need to adapt to the consequences of climate change and mitigate a potential crisis that unchecked climate change will bring.

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