“Greenville” goes front and center

Today was another day of recognition for St. Jean de Brébeuf, the high school awarded first place at the Earth Day “Speak Up for the Planet” climate change competition sponsored by 4RG.   The team and their School Advisor brought their model green city, appropriately called “Greenville”, to the Ontario Science Center.

The model was placed in “Think Space” – an innovative open concept programme space within the Weston Family Innovation Centre within the Science Center.  Think Space is used for group and classroom activities on school visits, so a lot of eyes will see “Greenville.”

On behalf of 4RG I re-iterated my words when the winners were announced on Earth Day:  “The competition between the participating school teams  were very close”.  (This circumstance should make the award all the more meaning full to the St. Jean de Brébeuf team.)

SATEC/W.A. Porter won the second place award.  Teams from York Mills Collegiate Institute and St. John Paul II received honourable mention awards. [Note to all award winners:  we were really impressed that all teams used the award money for the public good – for charitable or environmental  purposes.]

If you are a student or advisor at a school that did not enter the competition.  Go to our video and see what you missed!

We hope to see this year’s competing teams back for next year.  But the competition will be just as tough and perhaps tougher!

I would like to share with our viewers information about the other teams as their presence made the event as exciting as it was.  Here – to the best of our knowledge –  are the other schools, students and teachers who were in attendance on Earth Day:

C. W. Jeffreys – Chalil Joseph, Sheeja Joseph, Kimani John, Kameka Johnson, and Tharmik Sivagurunathan.  (School Advisor) Mr. Angus

Earl Haig – – Rhea Lalsingh, student teacher, and  Milad Saadati.  (School Advisor) Katherine Yamashita

Rosedale Heights:  Forrest Blagaj-Berger and Anna Noel. (School Advisor)  David Berger

St. John Paul II (second team): 6. Aaron Fernandes, John Isles, Josh Huvilla and Chelsea Torregosa.  (School Advisor) Joanne Maier

York Mills (second team): Pamela Maxwell- Steele Allen Bai, Tommy Xiang, and Jordan Dagys. (School Advisor) Pamela Maxwell- Steele


Follow this video link to see the contribution of all teams.

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